Alvasari d.o.o. is a major exclusive importer of goods from Iran.

At the moment we import Sultana raisins in 10 kg packages, Golden raisins in 10 kg packages and Kasmari raisins in 9.5 kg packages.

We also import dried apricots, pistachios and other goods according to customized orders and purpose.


Raisins are excellent for your health because they contain many important vitamins, minerals and they also have a little bit of protein. 
They have quite a lot of calories and are used for liver detox and weight loss.


suvev smokve_bg2

We are an exclusive distributor and importer for the largest manufacturer of dried figs from Turkey. This product is being imported in packages of 200 grams and 2 kilos.
After the figs are dried, their quantity of sodium increases tenfold, potassium and iron almost threefold, calcium around fivefold, magnesium fourfold, while the quantity of phosphorus decreases. They also contain manganese, selenium, copper, zinc, etc.



We also import pistachios in 25 kg packages.
They contain vitamin E, carotenes and polyphenols  which fight the free radicals in our body and protect our cells from damages.
One of the compounds found in pistachios is gamma tocopherol, which amounts to 23% of the total wright of pistachios, and  together with vitamin E it successfully fights against the damage of cells of our largest organ, our skin.



We import the chickpeas from Turkey in 25 kg packages.
Chickpea is a legume that’s only recently been introduced to our nutrition.
Today, the chickpea is used for all kinds of stews, burgers and spreads. Rich in protein, they are extremely useful for vegetarians and vegans. They are rich in manganese, iron and magnesium.
Chickpeas are found to be helpful in lowering bad cholesterol levels and of course they are antioxidants. 60 to 75% is pure fiber. Fatty  acids created from chickpeas fiber help lower the risks of colon problems, including cancer. 1 cup of  chickpeas contains the following nutrients: molybdenum (164% recommended daily value – rdv ), manganese (86 % rdv), folate (71% rdv) vegetable fiber (50% rdv), tryptophan  (44% rdv), proteins (29% rdv) copper (29% rdv), phosphorus (28% rdv) and iron (26% rdv).
Chickpea is usually cooked before  use.



Alvasari has started importing first class raw poppy seed in 25 kg packages.
Poppy is regularly used in confectionery and baking industry.


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We also import dried apricots in packages of 200 grams and 5 kg.
Dried apricots contain a lot of proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and sugar, which makes them an ideal food for the start of each day.
Magnesium is a mineral found in abundance in dried apricots and it relieves stress. Vitamin B Complex is also present and it serves a purpose of nerve regeneration.
Dried apricots also contain a large quantity of potassium, a mineral vital for the proper function of all the muscles, especially the heart.


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We are a big importer of dates from Iran, fresh and processed in various packages.
  • DRIED DATES 200g
  • FRESH DATES 600g
  • DRIED CHOPPED DATES are our new product, used for cereals and Turkish delight
If we eat dried figs together with almonds and dates, the combined amount of potassium will stabilize our high blood pressure and the abundance of fibers and omega 3 and 6 acids will lower our bad cholesterol and ensure the flexibility of our blood vessels.



Raw hazelnut is imported from Turkey, in 80 kg packages.
It contains nutrients that are good for the heart and blood vessels. If consumed on a daily  basis, it can lower the blood pressure. Hazelnut is also a strong antioxidant.
Very rich in energy, it is recommended to athletes and youngsters. The core contains 60-70% unsaturated fatty acids, which are very important in the nutrition.
Proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals are also found.



Walnuts contain a lot of oil and are eaten raw. They are  also a rich source for omega 3 fatty acids, which have  shown to lower the cholesterol levels. The walnuts are one off the most important carb-protein products.
It contains 57-60% fat and 15-18% proteins. Energy value of a walnut nucleus is 2500 kJ.
It also contains vitamins A, B, C and E.
ALVASARI d.o.o. imports first class walnuts in 10 kg packages.


When it comes to recommended daily dose of almonds, it’s approximately 25 grams for adults.
That amount of nuts contains 50% daily value of vitamin E and manganese. It also contains magnesium,
tryptophan, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B2.
Alvasari also plans to import this highly nutrient nut.